This restaurant is literally On Fire

Reading the review of En Fuego (Del Mar CA) might make your stomach turn, and send you headed off to another restaurant, but the reality is, that you’d be missing out on a great meal.  Yes the place is looking tired and old, yes the food plating is hardly going to get you excited, but the food is awfully good, and so affordable.  Last night, while the restaurant next door struggled to keep 4 tables of customers, we had a 20 minute wait to be seated. Young and old, trendy and conservative chose it for dinner.  The salsa is hot, spicy and very flavorful.  My Del mar fish burrito was massive, juicy and had huge flavors especially when adding a little of the spicy salsa.  My daughters chicken tacos were tasty, and my wife loved her tilapia with fresh mango salsa.  But they too were mortified that I took and intended to show off the photos – for it really does not look like much, but the huge flavors, large portions, friendly service and great prices have made this restaurant a staple for me for 20 years.


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