When Top Chef Katsuya and Designer Philippe Starck have lousy days

As popular as the Andaz Hotel San Diego is with you, trendy and fashionable guests, they were unable to attract enough customers to keep Katsuya open. This glitzy restaurant with a menu by Chef Katsuya (and owned and operated by SBE), and  so beautifully designed by Designer Philippe Starck (and very popular in Los Angeles) was packed on opening night, and we were treated to a stunning display of sushi and tasty foods,  but two years later they have announced the doors will close on Friday.  And no surprise:  they tried to keep it open at lunch but that failed due to the lack of traffic, and dinner guests dwindled quickly. This restaurant just seems to be a revolving door.   What’s next.

2012-03-15 19.18.34

“After nearly two years, sbe is discontinuing operations of its Katsuya San Diego location. As sbe continues the expansion of the Katsuya brand nationally and internationally, the company is focusing its resources on the projects that deliver both the highest return and fit its long-term strategic growth objectives. sbe is incredibly thankful for the support of the San Diego community and for the hard work and dedication of the Katsuya team, as well as the team at the Andaz Hotel. Despite the closure, sbe is committed to San Diego and will continue to explore new opportunities for its hotel, restaurant and nightlife brands.”


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