Wolfgang Puck Pizza – Palm Springs, CA

Tonight the family dined out at Wolfgang Puck Pizza in Palm Springs.  Sadly, he was not at the restaurant – and we hear that he has only visited it twice – but that didn’t distract us.  The look is trendy in reclaimed woods and moodily lighting. The wait staff is young and friendly, and luckily we had a reservation as there was a good wait outside.

My kids decided to split the Ravioli (filled with ricotta cheese and in a delicious sauce of pine nuts, basil and tomato cream sauce) and a Margherita pizza.  I tasted both – the pizza was good, but the Ravioli was stunning – light, fresh and very tasty.

My wife is gluten and dairy free, and opted for one of Puck’s signature dishes, the Barbecue Chicken Pizza (moist chicken, grilled red onions, sweet barbecue sauce) – they have a separate gluten free and vegetarian menu, with a nice array of vegetable, pizza, pasta and salad dishes.

But I hit the jackpot with the Roasted Mushroom pizza (robiola cheese, spinach, mozzarella, truffle oil) – even though I would normally order the smoked salmon pizza (see my previous post https://myfoodfixation.wordpress.com/2013/12/17/wolfgang-puck-express-denver-international-airport/), I opted for this pizza which is apparently the most popular item on the menu, and I was so happy to enjoy it.  Incidentally, my youngest agreed with me, so I lost a good third of my mushroom pizza to her.



73-130 El Paseo
Palm Desert , California 92260



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